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Newsletter Submission Deadlines

The submission deadline is the second Thursday of the month, every other month, at noon.  (With the exception of the Christmas newsletter, with the deadline being moved a week earlier due to Thanksgiving.)


Submit articles to office@holytrinitygnv.org


2020 Newsletter Deadlines

Newsletter Submission Deadline
January-February 2020 Thurs., December 12 at noon
March-April 2020 Thurs., February 13 at noon
May-June 2020 Thurs., April 2 at noon
July-August 2020 Thurs., June 11 at noon
September & October 2020 Thurs., August 6 at noon
November & December 2020 Thurs., October 8 at noon
Special Christmas 2020 Edition Thurs., November 5 at noon