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The first document, located in the Parish Register, Volume 2, is the first history of the parish, begun by parishioner Margaret Tebeau and continued consecutively by the Rev. Francis Craighill and the Rev. Thomas Burke. The handwritten document recounts the history of the church from 1868-1910.  A transcription follows to assist the reader.


The second document, History of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Gainesville, Florida, written by parishioner Benjamin Pierpont Richards, Jr., covers diocesan and parish history from inception through 1938. At the request of the author shortly before his death, the last chapter was completed in 1948 by the Rev. George Alexander.  In 1958 the Rev. Custis Fletcher registered the unpublished typescript with the diocese.


In 1950, Frank Pisani, parishioner and editor of the parish publication Holy Trinity Herald, wrote the third history, Holy Trinity, Our Story, which covers the history decade by decade through 1950. It was published and widely distributed.


At the centennial anniversary in 1968, a brochure outlined the history of the parish and set goals for the future.


The fourth history, Church of the Holy Trinity, A Panorama of Our Parish was compiled in 1991 by St. Elizabeth and St. Margaret Circles and the parish chapter of Episcopal Church Women (ECW), following the fire which burned the 1907 church. The booklet was published and widely distributed.


The fifth history, A History of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, is a comprehensive account written by parishioner George R. Bentley, Professor of History and Diocesan Historian from 1977 to 1994.  This account traces Holy Trinity’s history from inception through 1995. 


Finally, in 2017, Jessica Taylor, future doctoral graduate from UF, has written “The foundation remains”…the Challenge Continues.  This history brings the information forward from the fire of 1991 to the present as we celebrate the sesquicentennial  in 2018.


Information on Holy Trinity's 150th anniversary celebration.



Vol2 Parish Register Click this image to open pdf of the handwritten Tebeau History
Vol2 Parish Register Retyped Click this image to open pdf of the typed Tebeau History
 Episcopal Shield Click to open pdf of the Richards history
Pisani History Click this image to open pdf of the Pisani History
Centennial Brochure Image Click this image to open the 1968 Centennial Brochure
 HTE Women Of Church Cover Click this image to open Holy Trinity A Panorama of Our Parish, 1991
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Click this image to open pdf of the 1998 Bentley History