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Phone: (352) 372-4721
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Family Promise (formerly IHN)

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A network of churches in Gainesville provides shelter, meals, and extensive support to families without homes.  Each “Host” church provides up to 4 families (not to exceed 14 people) with accommodations for a period of 1 week 4 times a year.  For more information, consult the Family Promise of Gainesville website:  http://www.ihngvl.org


Hosting opportunities for Holy Trinity in 2016 are the weeks of January 24-31 and  April 24-May 1.  Sign up to help the parish provide for families during these weeks.

                             Ann Pierson:  aepierson@mac.com

                             Linda Gendreau:  lindagendreau@gmail.com

                             Lisa Gearen:  lmolitorge@aol.com